Contribute to the conservation of the SZ Foundation and its altruistic activity in support of the arts. The satisfaction of supporting and being part of a project that many Friends already share. Have a different perspective of the SZ Foundation and enjoy all that it can offer. Get to know your benefits here.

FRIEND: € 120 annual donation

COLLABORATOR: € 360 annual donation

MEMBER OF HONOR: € 750 annual donation

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Why is it a good idea to cooperate?

To fulfill the social responsibility of the business world to exercise and promote cultural patronage.

To support one of the few institutions in the world that welcome artists from anywhere and from the most varied artistic disciplines to live and work in an environment that stimulates, favors and enriches in their creation process.

The donations are destined for the conservation and operation of the Residencia de Artistas of the SZ Foundation in El Espinar.

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