The SZ Foundation is a private non-profit organization, constituted in September 2018 by Sara Zaldívar and Fernando Sarasola, and registered in the Foundations Registry of the Ministry of Culture. Its aims, collected statutorily, are the promotion of artistic creation and research in the field of fine arts, which is carried out fundamentally with the residence called "El Núcleo" for artists and researchers at Yeguada El Espinar ( Segovia). The Yeguada cedes the use of the necessary facilities for the development of the activity to the foundation.

The foundation is dedicated to the promotion of artistic creation, choosing through a committee of experts (gallery owners, curators, collectors) a series of 3 to 12 artists per year who spend 1 to 3 months invited to the residence. In this way, artists are nourished by the Spanish culture and in the same way contribute with their vision and work to enrich the Spanish artistic panorama.

In addition, the foundation is dedicated to teaching and research in the field of fine arts; and the convening of seminars, cycles of conferences, exhibitions and prizes of the various artistic disciplines. The registered office of the SZ Foundation is located in Madrid and the Residencia de Artistas in El Espinar (Segovia).