The foundation has a committee of experts among which are galleries, curators, collectors and museum directors.

Mariangela Capuzzo (Curator and Artistic Director ICArt)

Sabrina Amrani (Sabrina Amrani Gallery)

Manuel Segade (Director Museum CA2M)                         

 Rafael Perez-Hernando (RPH Gallery)

Jose Ramón Prieto (Collector)                          

Paz Perez Bilbao (Patrimonial Adviser AXA)                         

 Ianko López (Cultural Manager and Writer)                          

Paloma Martín-Llopis (Int. Director E.Tyler Gallery)                          

Anabel Zamora (Collector)

Cristina Anglada (Contemporary Art Critic and Curator of the Foundation)

Marta Rincón (Visual Arts Responsible for Acción Cultural Exterior)

Juan Herreros (Architect)

Jasmine Spezie (Collector)

Sara Zaldivar (Patron of the Foundation)                          

Fernando Sarasola (Patron of the Foundation and Collector)